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Addressing the New Way of Work

At Hana, we are committed to building a new, more flexible workspace. We know things have changed. We’re here to help you navigate a new way of work by prioritizing your needs, health and safety.

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Hana is focusing deeply on the details that drive success. As we navigate COVID-19, we are addressing a new way of work while staying committed to our core mission: to help people with purpose accomplish great things.
Andrew Kupiec
Andrew Kupiec,
CEO of Hana

An Effective Workplace Transition

We are working alongside CBRE to carefully reopen each location the right way.
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Prioritizing Health & Safety

We are thoughtfully reconfiguring our spaces and policies to prioritize health and safety.
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Consulting Clients & Partners

We place the needs of our clients and partners first and are offering recommendations for a new way of work.
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An Effective Workplace Transition

Hana will reopen each location in a limited capacity with a various changes to its operations based on deep research from CBRE. This includes making social distancing a key part of our workplace experience.



Access will be limited to Hana Team and Share members and all members will be asked to ensure they are not exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms. We may also control occupancy levels.


On-Site Preparation

Our on-site team will wear face masks, undergo temperature checks and increase cleaning standards.



We will offer coffee, water, pre-packaged food and reduced seating to enforce social distancing.


Share & Common Spaces

All common areas will have limited seating. We will also use six-feet social distancing stickers and give members placemats to claim a workspace.


Meeting & Focus Rooms

Meeting rooms will be reserved for current Hana members and all meeting and focus rooms will be cleaned between sessions.


Team Suites

Hana will provide all team suites with suggested best practices for social distancing, including recommended layouts.

Prioritizing Health & Safety

As we reopen our workspaces, we will be implementing new cleaning and sanitation procedures, social distancing guidelines and workspace operational changes.


Common areas and restrooms will be cleaned multiple times per day, particularly during peak occupancy hours.


Meeting rooms will be cleaned and sanitized between sessions with a focus on replacing iPad covers and disinfecting stylus pens.


Food and beverage areas are wiped down multiple times per day.


Floor mats are disinfected regularly and replaced weekly.


Team suites will be cleaned regularly with additional cleanings available for an added fee.


High-traffic items including door handles, elevator call buttons, and meeting room keypads will be cleaned multiple times per day.


Hand sanitizer and wipes are available for members in kitchens, commons, Hub area and specialty rooms as well as at entrances and lobbies.

Consulting Clients & Partners

We are ready to offer recommendations, as appropriate, around potential space needs, and office configurations — plus, portfolio reviews for multi-location businesses.

Group 19

Suggested private office layouts for health and safety

Group 18

Marketplace offerings to help customize workspaces as needed

Resources & Insights

COVID-19 drives demand for flexibility and more meaningful office connections

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Our mission is to create places where people with purpose can accomplish great things.

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