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Private Studio Offices in Irvine, CA

A private office that’s exclusively yours

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Get your own private studio & skip the long-term lease

Hana Team Studio gives you a private office with a premium on personal space, making for an ideal workday getaway. Spacious Herman Miller sit-stand desks mean you’re comfortable no matter what — and business-class Wi-Fi means you always have enough bandwidth. This is your space and your business, all on your terms.

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An Office that’s All Your Own

All the essentials, made simple

A private flexible office studio perfectly sized to you with turnkey setups. While you do the big things, we take care of the little things (like the IT, AV and deep cleanings).

All-Inclusive Amenities

A Private Office
A Private Office

This is a workspace that’s yours alone. Each private office is perfectly sized and personalized to you.

Configurable Layouts
Configurable Layouts

Hana Team offer configurable layouts, so your space feels like yours.

Commercial-Grade Furniture
Commercial-Grade Furniture

Luxurious lounge seating options. Herman Miller sit-stand desks and chairs. At Hana, we put a premium on comfort.

Top-Notch Acoustic Comfort
Top-Notch Acoustic Comfort

Every Team suite state-of-the-art acoustic design and sound-masking technology to foster wellness & comfort.

Highly Secure, Lightning Fast Internet
Highly Secure, Lightning Fast Internet

Designed for highly regulated industries, Hana’s network guarantees high-speed & highly secure connectivity.

Best-in-Class Technology
Best-in-Class Technology

Reservable interactive whiteboards. Hassle-free video conferencing. Wireless screen sharing. And that’s just the start.

In-House Food & Beverage
In-House Food & Beverage

Nourish yourself at the retail market & café or stay focused with our self-serve gratis coffee bar and crafted snacks.

On-Site & Remote Tech Support
On-Site & Remote Tech Support

Tap into an on-site support team to field any issues you run across. Or call into our remote support team.

Regular Deep Cleanings
Regular Deep Cleanings

While you get to work, we make sure your office stays clean. Your health & safety are our number one priority.

All of Your Printing Needs
All of Your Printing Needs

B&W printing, full-color printing & production-quality printing. No problem.

Mail Distribution & Handling
Mail Distribution & Handling

Need to send something out? Have a package coming in? Our team has you covered.

24/7 Office Access
24/7 Office Access

Your office is accessible to your team 24/7 — and closed to everyone else. You also have access to our network of Hana workspaces.

Our Location
3349 Michelson Dr., Suite 200 Irvine, CA 92612
+1 (949) 504-4060

Just off the California coast in Orange County’s business center, Hana at Park Place puts you squarely in the Irvine Business Complex with neighbors including Western Digital, State Farm and US Bank.

Have any questions?

What are Hana’s cleaning procedures?
Hana cleans common areas and restrooms multiple times a day, particularly during peak occupancy hours. Food & beverage areas are wiped down multiple times a day — and high-traffic items including door handles, elevator buttons, turnstiles and handrails are cleaned multiple times a day.
Is hand sanitizer available?
We offer sanitation stations with hand sanitizer and wipes for member in the kitchen, commons and Hub areas as well as in the specialty rooms, entrances and lobbies.
How do you ensure social distancing in Hana?
All common areas will be marketed with six-feet social distancing stickers. Hana will also limit seating in our common areas and share spaces. Private Hana Team Studio offices are private and only accessible to you (and your colleagues).
How often do you clean Hana Team private offices?
We regularly clean our private Hana Team offices. Additional cleaning services can be requested for a fee.
Will there be any changes to your food & beverage offerings?
To ensure the safety of our members, Hana will offer more pre-packaged food offerings in its Micro Market and in its complimentary snack offerings. Hana will also use single-use, disposable cups and utensils for coffee and beverages.

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