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How to prepare and hold in-person meetings safely during and after COVID-19

Actionable strategies for people and teams to safely return to the workplace from Hana, Herman Miller, Samsung, Muraflex and Structure Tone.


Meetings and in-person interactions will be the key reasons people head back to the office on an as-needed basis — and the companies that offer their employees safe and productive meeting space and the flexibility to work in the outside the office will be best positioned to succeed after COVID-19.

The Hana Innovation Partners, which include Herman Miller, Samsung, Muraflex and Structure Tone, have developed a holistic guide on how companies can ensure their workplaces are best positioned to keep their employees safe — and meet changing employee demands.

The following white paper offers direction for companies and the industry at large about how to facilitate collaboration and information sharing in a post-COVID-19 world and how to enable safe in-person meetings.

We offer short-term and long-term recommendations around health and wellness in the workplace, effective meeting rooms and workspace design and critical technologies to promote productivity between in-person and remote employees.


Office Workers Want In-Person Meetings

And the flexibility to work remotely

Companies will need to meet the moment and plan for the future, offering employees greater flexibility to determine how and where they work as well as creating workplaces that enable teams to meaningfully connect and perform.


Companies Need to Plan for a New Way of Work

And address demands for more intentional work settings

Organizations have an opportunity to rethink their workspaces, offering employees more intentional environments for in-person meetings and group work.

Three Key Takeaways

Companies need to invest in health & safety in the workplace.
Understandably, one of the central concerns around returning to the workplace, even in a limited capacity, revolves around health and safety. In fact, almost 40% of office workers cite office cleanliness as one of the key concerns about heading back to the workplace.
After COVID-19, in-person meetings will be a primary workspace use case.
Meetings after COVID-19 will be fluid events defined as much by those who gather in-person as by those who dial in from a remote location. This puts pressure on companies to create workspace solutions and offer technologies that enable productivity between in-person and remote participants.
Configurability & optionality will be key in the workplace.
From enabling businesses to quickly reconfigure workspaces for different use cases to offering employees the ability to make their workspaces work for their needs, workplace configurability investments have long-term benefits for organizations.

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