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Hana updates & response to COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has levied an enormous impact on our worlds and workdays. We are prepared to navigate these changes. At Hana, the health and safety of our members and employees comes first — and we are committed to offering safe spaces where people and companies can thrive.  

We are closely monitoring the advice and guidelines from the government, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Public Health England, and the World Health Organization (WHO).

We will continue to update this page with information regarding Hana’s response to COVID-19 and any changes to our workspace operations. If you have any questions regarding Hana’s response to COVID-19, please email

Building Updates

We are working at a local level to monitor COVID-19 case counts, guideline and mandates as we decide to open or close our current locations.

  • Irvine, CA: Hana at Park Place is officially open to members. We reserve the right to limit capacity for health and safety reasons. We have also introduced a number of precautionary measures.  

  • Dallas, TX: Hana at Park District is officially open to members. We may limit capacity as necessary — and have introduced a number of precautionary measures. 

  • London, UK: Hana at 70 St. Mary Axe and Hana at 245 Hammersmith are officially open to members. There may be limitations on capacity — and we have a number of precautionary health and safety measures in effect. 

Precautionary Measures

To ensure the safety of our members and employees, we will be implementing a number of new policies in our workspaces. These changes range from increased cleaning standards to consulting clients and partners on how best to approach a new way of work.

Learn about what Hana is doing to address COVID-19 >

A Note from Hana’s CEO

Since we founded Hana, we have been laser focused on bridging the gap between flexibility and productivity by creating spaces with everything individuals and teams need to accomplish great things. As we navigate COVID-19, we are addressing a new way of work while staying committed to our core mission: to help people with purpose accomplish great things.”

Andrew Kupiec
CEO of Hana

How Hana is Addressing the New Way of Work 

We know things have changed. We’re here to help you navigate a new way of work by prioritizing your needs, health and safety. And we remain committed to giving individuals, teams and organizations alike the flexibility they need to grow, evolve and accomplish great thing.

See how Hana is addressing the new way of work > 

For additional questions, please reach out to

By Hana
Jun 11 2020

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