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Forget foosball: People want a better place to work, not play

A new survey shows what top talent really wants from where they work and how to deliver.

From in-office gyms with Peloton bikes to fruit water and cold brew taps, trendy workplace perks have been touted as key ways to attract and retain talent, promote productivity and motivate employees.

Office designers, in turn, have increasingly focused on providing common areas for socializing, open office plans for collaboration and engaging amenities and services in today's workspaces.

But in a new study of 1,000+ U.S. office workers, we discovered these workplace perks are falling flat with employees. Overwhelmingly, people say employers are failing to provide the basic functional features they need to do their jobs effectively and instead prioritizing fun amenities and services that end up being distracting and counterproductive.

We have identified the key things employees truly want from their workplace — and five ways employers can leverage workplace design and perks to help attract and retain talent, improve productivity and turn the office into a better place to work.

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Professionals Prioritize Productivity

And Productivity-Boosting Workplace Perks

In today’s job market, people have options when it comes to choosing where they work — and they’re more likely to choose companies that focus on building productive workspaces.

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Fulfillment is Tied to Performance

And Employers that Invest in the Workplace

People appreciate employers that offer fun workplace perks but place a far higher value on the functional must-haves they need to be productive and find professional fulfillment.

Three Key Takeaways

People prioritize productivity over social encounters
Professionals are hungry for workplaces that get the basics right and cite essential services such as a comfortable workstation and booking a meeting room as critical.
Employees are lacking key amenities & services
Office workers deeply value amenities and services that make the workplace more productive. Despite this, most say their company is focusing too much on fun perks — and not enough on essential needs.
Top talent favors companies that prioritize productivity
Companies have an opportunity to attract and retain talent by thinking through the workplace experience holistically and prioritizing workplace perks that make the workday more productive.

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